A Little About Us

Opened in 2007


In 2000, Verna and her sister opened a day center for individuals with disabilities. They day center began with 5 clients who were not interested in making a paycheck. As the day center grew to 45 plus clients, Helen Honey's Resale Shop became a vision of the future. A vocational day center was built and Verna, along with others toured the state of Illinois to find a lucrative business that employed individuals with developmental disabilities.  

Employs People with Developmental Disabilities


The group found that a resale shop would bring in the most revenue for the clients' paychecks. It only made sense that the shop was called Helen Honey's, after Verna's mom. Verna was never allowed to have a yard sale, since all her clothes were donated to her mom's clients with disabilities. 

All Merchadise is Donated from the Local Community


Verna's mom always called everyone "honey" as a term of endearment. Therefore, the clients named their resale shop "Helen Honey's". Verna and her sister, Debbie, continue to follow their grandma Verna's dream, working with individuals with disabilities in their homes and the day center.