Brenda Mummert, Johnston City High School

Hello, my name is Brenda Mummert.  I am the Health Science Career/CNA program coordinator/instructor at Johnston City High School.  When I heard that there was an opportunity to do testimonials for Helen Honey's Resale Shop in Herrin, IL, I couldn't respond quick enough!  Verna Webb and the staff of Helen Honey's are truly AMAZING!  They have responded to numerous requests for emergent donations in the community that I have personally been affiliated with.  Some of these include donations to families who have lost all belongings in fires, donation of dresses for young ladies who would not otherwise had proper attire for PROM, hurricane and storm relief for several natural disasters and the list goes on.  My students have also been present for volunteer activities at Helen Honey's.  These activities were part of their learning about persons with disabilities.  The atmosphere at Helen Honey's is always very pleasant and professional.  The staff members are always polite, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.   I can also attest to the lengths they go to get the best use possible out of all donations they are given.  My students and I have witnessed first hand many, many times the great care taken in the process for getting items ready to be sold in the store.  All donations are respected and greatly appreciated.  But, I guess my favorite thing about Helen Honey's is that visiting there (and I shop there all of the time!!) is that you leave feeling so happy!  No, seriously, its true!  The atmosphere and compassionate way in which they treat their customers makes you feel special.  They are all wonderful people and a tremendous asset to the community!!

Judy Martin

I want to thank the people at Helen Honey's for the generosity of helping out one of my co-workers. He lost his wife and house in a fire and all he had left was the clothes on his back. Thank you so much!